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The Minnesota SAR is a growing society. We have enjoyed a growth in membership over the years. If you are interested in joining our society contact:

John Sassaman
24838, Olinda Trail
Lindstrom MN 55045-8097
612 520-1657

New Members of the Minnesota Society SAR

Application Forms:

Our application forms may be completed in one of two ways. We can furnish the blank printed forms which must then be typed. The specific forms must be used as they are printed on watermarked archival paper. Photocopies of the form are not acceptable.

Or, if you prefer, an electronic form can be emailed to you. Once opened, save it on your system. It is important that you move from space to space using the “TAB” key and NOT the return key, as that will alter the form. The form must remain a two-page form.

***NOTE*** When saving in your system and then sending back as a completed item, it must be SAVED IN .doc format – NOT in .docx or .pdf. Forms not received back in .doc format will be returned for your conversion. We provide the form in .doc format.

This form allows you to complete the lineage and save the results. It must then be printed on the special watermarked archival paper. And so, when you have completed the form, e-mail it as an attachment to me at the above address. When we determine that the form is ready to print, I will print it on our special paper and forward the copies to you for your signature. All applications must be on our special paper.


The matter of documentation is of utmost importance. Photocopies are acceptable here, starting with your birth certificate, your parent’s birth, marriage, and death records as applicable, and proceeding backwards to your revolutionary ancestor.

A photocopy of a D.A.R. paper is acceptable for the generations involved providing the paper shows the references for the lineage. Additionally, it MUST show all the generations back to the Revolutionary ancestor, and not be a “short form” showing only current generations. It must be a “record copy” obtained from the National Society D.A.R. office in Washington, DC, complete with all their proper signatures. The “record copies” now supplied by NSDAR have the first three generations blocked out to prevent identity theft. They furnish a cover sheet naming the member and citing the number involved. If those copies are used, it will be necessary to provide the documentation that gets you back to the point shown on the NSDAR paper. Record copies of NSSAR papers may also be used, in the same manner.

If pages from books are used, please furnish a copy of the title page as well. Please note that there are many family genealogies in print. Many, however, do not cite any sources for the information given and may not be acceptable as documentation. The main concern is that we are able to link each generation to the previous one.

Computer printouts from such sites as Ancestry.com, Family Search, or the IGI index are not acceptable as documentation. Often, however, they will provide valuable information as to the source of the information and you can obtain that material. In general, primary source material is necessary for the documentation.

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Application Fees:

When completed, please forward TWO copies of the signed completed application and one copy of all the documentation to us, along with your check for $132.00.

That sum covers the registration/verification fees of $85.00, and the annual dues for the current year, which are $47.00. We must advise that if the papers are not approved, the $47.00 dues will be refunded, but the balance of $85.00 is non-refundable, as it covers the verification process.

A preliminary review of the papers is done by the Minnesota Society, but final approval is by the National Society.

Click here for the National Society Getting Started Guide.

We strongly suggest that you use the form that the MNSAR will furnish to you.

John Hallberg Jones,
Secretary-Treasurer, MNSAR