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New Members of the Minnesota Society SAR

New MNSAR Members

New Member: Ancestor:
Finnegan Gabriel McRoberts Elijah Barnes, Sr.
Arman Christian Tagarro Cyril Carpenter
Michael Don Sanford Zenas Northway
Sean Robert Kirby John Wright
Christopher Brite Williamson Charles Dorsey
Mitchell Brite Williamson Charles Dorsey
Benjamin Mark Williamson Charles Dorsey
Michael Waters Glaser Glen Owen
Christian James Snyder Ludwig Lewis John Stull
James Patrick Kelly Joseph Hartwell
Benjamin James Kelly Joseph Hartwell
William Francis Kelly Joseph Hartwell
New Members Welcomed in February:
Stephen Dean Goodrich Stephen Goodrich
Timothy Wayne Coats Nicholas Blankenship
Daniel Ryan Coats Nicholas Blankenship
Bryan Thomas Coats Nicholas Blankenship
Kenneth Roy Hatch Nathan Hatch
Michael Scott Swisher Hezekiah Brown
Robert W. G. Allison Hezekiah Holcomb
James Everett Hagen Garret Ostrander
James Everett Hagen Martinus Siver
James Everett Hagen Adam Rath/Roth

New Members of the Minnesota Society SAR

New Members were welcomed during the Constitution Day Observance and Luncheon held at Jax Cafe on September 23, 2017: Finnegan Gabriel McRoberts (accepted by Ronald McRoberts, grandfather), Arman Tagarro, Christopher Brite Williamson, who also accepted the certificates for his sons Mitchell Brite Williamson and Benjamin Mark Williamson, Christian James Snyder, and James Patrick Kelly, who also acceped certificates for his sons Benjamin James Kelly and William Francis Kelly. Certificates for those new members not present will be mailed. Certificates and stars for approved supplemental ancestors were presented to Michael Scott Swisher, Robert W. G. Allison, and James Everett Hagen (for three supplemental appications).

If you are interested in joining our society contact:

John Sassaman
24838, Olinda Trail
Lindstrom MN 55045-8097
612 520-1657