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New Members of the Minnesota Society SAR

New MNSAR Members

New Member: Ancestor:
William Carlton Thomas Thomas Carlton, Jr.
Thomas Clement Boos Stephen Frankin
Steven Russell Lehr Daniel Davis
Avery James Lehr Daniel Davis
William Henry Lehr Daniel Davis
Dale Richard Wilde Micah Wild
Michael W.F. Huffner Thomas Eldredge
Harry Agar Hust Enos Day
Michael Dennis Kalos Anthony Hoffmann
Tristan Alexander Kalos Anthony Hoffmann
John Spencer Kalos Anthony Hoffmann
Mark David Nelson John T. Headley
Transferred From Other Societies:
James Edward Stone William McSwain
Donald Thomas Irwin Luttwick Braunmiller
Robert W.G.H. Allison William Gwin, Sr.

During the recently held Annual Meeting and George Washington Observance and Luncheon meeting Secretary-Treasurer John Hallberg Jones presented certificates and rosettes to new members.

If you are interested in joining our society contact:

John Sassaman
24838, Olinda Trail
Lindstrom MN 55045-8097
612 520-1657

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