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New Members of the Minnesota Society SAR

New MNSAR Members

New Member: Ancestor:
Christopher F. Harrison Lebbeus Chapman
Jeffrey O. Harrison Lebbeus Chapman
Andrew F. Harrison Lebbeus Chapman
Peter I. Stelter John DeWald
Michael J. Grund Silas Stone
Thomas M. Grund Silas Stone
Eric H. Wesman Daniel Moore
Thorton H.O. Ridder Casparus Westervelt"
* Transferred from Ohio  
Ronald J. Campbell Isaac Sanderson
David C. Smith Abraham Gormley
Channing D. Smith Abraham Gormley
Eric R. Kreager Henry Miller
Ethan R. Kreager Henry Miller
William R. Sassamn Hermanus Sassmannhausen
Phillip J. Pribyl David Whitman
Michael W. Huttner Thomas Eldredge
Edward S. Crozier John Croser
Thomas J. Scherer Daniel Deturk Bertolet
Thomas C. Baxter Peter Perrinne
William P. Baxter Peter Perrinne
John A. Baxter Peter Perrinne
Welcome Back by Transfer from Texas:
Craig W. Whiting Daniel Whiting
Marvin L. Jansma Matthew Barnum
John C. Sassaman George Himmelberger
John C. Sassaman Maria Magdalena Spiess
Robert W.G. Allison John Carlile, Sr.
Jacob Waters Absolom Anderson
Michael D. Moses Thomas Starkweather

During the Constitution Day Luncheon President Geoffrey Bodeau and Secretary-Treasurer John Hallberg Jones presented certificates and rosettes to new members: Steven Harrison accepted for his sons Christopher, Jeffrey, and Andrew; Eric Wesman; Ronald Campbell; John Sassaman accepted for his brother William; Phillip Pribyl; Edward Crozier; Michael Huttner; and Thomas Scherer. Certificates have been mailed to Peter Stelter, Michael Grund, Thomas Grund, David Smith, Channing Smith, Eric Kreager, Ethan Kreager, Thomas Baxter, William Baxter, and John Baxter. Supplemental Certificates and stars were presented to Marvin Jansma, John Sassaman (2), Robert Allison, Jacob Waters, and Michael Moses.

If you are interested in joining our society contact:

John Sassaman
24838, Olinda Trail
Lindstrom MN 55045-8097
612 520-1657

John Sassaman was presented two Oak Leaf Clusters for his Liberty Medal, along with a certificate. The Liberty Medal is presented to a compatriot who is a first line signer on ten new member applications. John Sassaman qualified as a signer on twenty new member applications during 2017.