Patriot Chest Wish List

While we have a number of wonderful items in our Patriot Chest that we can use for living history presentations, we can always use more. The more we have, the better we can give an idea of what Revolutionary War era life was like. If members of the MN SAR or others would like to purchase and donate items or contribute funds towards a purchase, here is a list of items that we would like to obtain.

PriorityItemLink to Item
1Wooden Bowl
1Girl’s Bodice Costume (Size M)
1Boy’s Hunting Frock (Size M)
1Boy’s Tricorn
(Size 20 1/2 inches)
1Join or Die Flag (Size 3′ x 5′)
2American Cartridge Box–24-Rounds-44_p_436.html
2Coffin Lid Wood Camp Box (for small items)
(See p. 77 of PDF catalog)
2Musket Balls (0.690″ diameter)
2Stand-up Bullet Bag
3Sheath for Tomahawk
32nd Model Brown Bess Musket Bayonet
3Sheath for 2nd Model Brown Bess Bayonet
3Medical InstrumentsAny or all items at
4Small Revolutionary War Wedge Tent w/Poles, Ropes and Stakes
4Oak Wash Tub for Laundry
4Half Pick
4Shovel Head
4Wooden Handle for ShovelHardware Store
4Fire Set
4Blow Tube
4Trammel Hook
4Cooking Spatula
4Cooking Fork
4Cooking Ladle
4Cooking Spoon
42 Qt Cast Iron Pot
4Pot Lid
4Camp Stools (2)
4Camp Table
4Fake Campfire
5Projector for Laptop (USB or HDMI)Amazon, Best Buy, etc.
5Portable Projection Screen w/StandAmazon, Best Buy, etc.

If you wish to donate towards purchasing any of the above, please contact the living history team leader at

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