Dedicated to Those Who By Their Services or Sacrifices
Achieved the Independence of the American people

The Minnesota Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (MNSAR) is an historical, educational and patriotic organization. As descendants of Revolutionary War patriots, we seek to preserve the memory of the sacrifices of those who achieved our liberty. We also promote respect for the institutions of American freedom and appreciation for the value of American citizenship, so that our hard-won liberty will be passed on to future generations.

Minnesota SAR is primarily organized into two chapters: members in the eastward parts of the state belong to the St. Paul chapter and westward members belong to the Minneapolis chapter. Chapters perform services and other activities as organized by their individual members. For example, the chapters may present awards to JROTC and ROTC students in their respective areas.

Most meetings and activities take place at the state level. There are three regularly-scheduled state meetings every year: the business meeting (January), the President’s Day meeting, and the Constitution Day meeting. Minnesota SAR also hosts monthly Zoom meetings that often include compatriots from other states. The State Color Guard participates in patriotic events throughout the year. Minnesota SAR recognizes Eagle Scouts through a certificate program and the national Eagle Scout Competition.