Supplemental Applications

Many MNSAR compatriots have stars on their neck ribbons. These signify Patriot ancestors other than the ancestor used to join the SAR. The Membership Coordinator assists MNSAR members with supplemental filings. Each application takes a minimum of several hours to process and validate. When filling out a Supplemental Application please keep the following tips in mind for a smooth process.

The applicant must use a PDF form obtained from the Membership Coordinator. Please do not use the online NSSAR website form. The PDF form must be filled out using Acrobat Reader – it is free and available for MAC and PC platforms.

  • Date format is – dd mmm yyyy – 16 FEB 2020.
  • Location format is Township/County/State abbreviation. For example – Minneapolis/Hennepin/MN or //MN if only the state in known.
  • Books with family relationships and dates are not acceptable unless proper proof documentation for said dates and relationships are provided. In general, indexes into proofs are not acceptable.

For each generation where you are using an existing approved SAR application as your proof, state the SAR number followed by the Patriot ancestor’s name. For example – SAR #12345 via ancestor John Doe. If this is not done the Membership Coordinator will request that you send a copy of the approved application that you are quoting since he does not have a copy on file.

If requested, the Membership Coordinator can send you a document which lists the types of proof documentations that the SAR will accept. This is not typically sent for the supplemental application process.

When documenting from a male to a female line, one must prove the female’s married name and married to maiden name, and her to her parents generation. Too often the Membership Coordinator is getting documentation showing a married name and a separate document listing the female in her parents household, but no documentation tying the maiden name to the married name.

Please contact the Membership Coordinator if you would like to file a Supplemental Application.