Applying for Membership

A membership application must accurately document that a prospective member’s ancestor was a patriot during the American Revolution.

Begin the application process by sending an email to the Membership Coordinator requesting a membership application. In response, he will email the official PDF form. Please do not use other SAR application forms you might find on the Internet. This form must be filled out using Acrobat reader.

The applicant must fill out the Genealogy section of the form (Page 1). 

  • Use the date format is DD MMM YYYY.  For example: 28 Apr 2020.
  • Use the location format location/county/State Abbrev. An example of the format is Minneapolis/Hennepin/MN.
  • Do not go beyond the field as displayed, as that changes the font size.

Once the first page of the form has been completed, the applicant will email the form back to the Membership Coordinator.

Once the membership coordinator is satisfied that all the needed evidence (genealogical proof) has been collected, he will print off two copies of the completed membership form on official SAR Watermarked paper, and return the materials the applicant.

The applicant signs both of the completed forms and provides a check for the initial application fee (see the Application Fees) filled out to “Minnesota Society, Sons of the American Revolution.” Return both copies of the signed application, one copy of the genealogical documentation, and the check to the membership coordinator.

Once the membership coordinator receives these materials, he will forward them to the State Registrar for processing. The Minnesota Society performs a preliminary review of the application, but final approval is by the National Society. The applicant will be contacted when application processing is complete.

The State Society welcomes new members and presents their membership credentials at the Society’s next regular meeting following the application’s final approval.

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