A great search guide to clothing and equipment comes via a Georgia SAR member.

Recommended  Sutlers:

G.G. Godwin:
James Townsend:
Smoke and Fire:

Smiling Fox Forge:

The Quartermaster General:

Colonial Uniforms:

Fort Downing:

Bethlehem Trading Post:

C & D Jarnagin Co.

Crazy Crow:

Avalon Forge:


Panther Primitives:

Track of the Wolf:   //

Uniforms by Moggy Kienel  email:
 11 Grove Street, S,

Dahlonega,GA 30533
Cell:(678) 429-4181 
Hat Specialists:
Footwear specialists 
                              Muskets and blackpowder equipment :  
Dixie Gunworks: 
Track of the Wolf:   // 
Veteran Arms: 

Items for children, 18th century:
Leavy Foundation for Historical Preservation:

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