Our Patriot Ancestors

Private Joseph Hyde
Col. Danielson’s Rgt – Massachusetts Militia/ 8th Provincial/18th Cont.

(Steve Hyde, MNSAR)

Captain Joseph Printup
Tryon County and Montgomery County, New York Militia
(Aaron Printup, MNSAR)

Joseph Printup served as LT in Capt. Robert Abraham Yates’ Company, the Third Company, in the 3rd Regiment of the Tryon County Militia commanded by Col. Frederick Visscher (Fisher).
Joseph fought in the Battle of Oriskany on Aug. 6, 1777.
Four years later, on Oct. 24, 1781, Lt Printup was met by the enemy in a surprise attack on his home.  The incident occurered when nearly seven hundred British regulars and Indians under Maj. John Ross and Capt. Walter Butler, had descended into the Mohawk Valley from Currytown.  Using the new road recently laid at Stone Ridge in the Town of Root, this force proceeded along the Mohawk River.
On Oct. 2, 1786, Joseph was appointed Capt. of the Fifth Comp in Lieut. Col. John Newkirk’s regiment of the Montgomery County Militia in Brig Gen Frederick Visscher’s Brigade; he was succeeded as Capt by Peter Abraham Yates the following year.

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Whiting

Massachusetts Line, Continental Army
(5th Great-Grandfather of Craig W. Whiting, MNSAR)
Daniel Whitingwas born in Springfield parish, (Dedham) Massachusetts in 1732, the fourth generation of Whitings in America. He served in the French and Indian War as an ensign in Capt. Nathaniel Bailey’s company and later as Lieutenant. In 1761 he returned to Springfield Parrish and married Mehitable “Hattie” Haven. Their children were Mehitable, Paul, Fanny, Roger and Nancy.
Daniel and Mehitable, in 1761, built a house at the bottom of the hill from the meetinghouse and operated a Tavern. It burned in 1908 and the site is now a park.
The morning of April 19th, 1775, Daniel left his wife and 5 children (aged 13, 10, 9, 7 and 4) and with the minutemen marched to Menotomy (now Arlington) and fought the British retreating from Lexington/Concord. He remained with the unit at Cambridge keeping the British in Boston. On April 24thDaniel was promoted to Captain in Col. Jonathan Brewer’s regiment. The commission as Captain, Continental Army came when the army was organized.
On June 2, while he was on duty his wife Hattie died from a sudden attack of apoplexy. For the rest of the war, the family would care for Daniel’s children.
At the Battle Bunker Hill (June 17, 1775) the men of Daniel’s Company, Jonathan Brewer’s Regiment, built and manned the diagonal line between Colonel Prescott’s redoubt and the rail fence. He went on to take part in the Siege of Boston. He sold the tavern and lent the proceeds to Massachusetts for the war effort. January 1, 1776 he was appointed Captain in Col. Asa Whitcomb’s regiment, the 6thMassachusetts Continental Infantry. March 20, 1776 the regiment relieved Boston.
In August 1776 his regiment relocated to Fort Ticonderoga. On November 6th, Daniel was promoted to Major in Col. Ichabod Alden’s regiment (6thMassachusetts, formerly Whitcomb’s). January 1st, 1777, in the re-organization of the army,  the 6th was redesignated the 7th. 
In the second battle of Saratoga the regiment was part of the force that broke the Breyman redoubt.
The winter of 1777-8 was spent garrisoning in Albany.
In July 1778 the regiment marched to Cherry Valley, New York to protect inhabitants from marauding Indians, Tories and British. September 29, 1778, he was promoted to Lt. Col. November 11ththe village was attacked, the commander killed, the second in command taken prisoner and Whiting became commander of the regiment.
In June 1779 the unit was transferred to the main army and participated in the Sullivan Campaign including the Battle of Newton.
Following that campaign (October 1779) the regiment marched to the defense of West Point. In the re-organization of the army in 1780 the regiment was combined with another and the command passed to a senior officer. Daniel retired January 1781. His service land grant was taken by fraud. His war bonds went unpaid. His back pay came after a long hard appeal, and then only some of his due. He lived his last years with his daughter Mehitable until his death in 1807, aged 75. He is buried next to Hattie in Highland Cemetery in Dover, Massachusetts.

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