Application Fees

Here are the fees as revised in July 2021. Checks should be paid to the “Minnesota Society, Sons of the American Revolution.”

Application TypeApplication Fee
Initial Application Fee: includes the first year’s chapter, state, and national dues plus a non-refundable fee of $105.00 to verify the application. Send applications to the Membership Coordinator.$152.00
Supplemental Application Fee: non-refundable fee to register another Revolutionary War ancestor. Send applications to the Membership Coordinator.$105.00
Annual Renewal: including chapter, state, and national dues. Billed every fall.$47.00
Reinstatement: if membership lapses and the member wishes to rejoin. Send applications to the Membership Coordinator.$47.00

Always contact the Membership Coordinator before sending an application payment. The application process can be lengthy. Wait until the Coordinator tells you to provide the payment. Moreover, amounts can vary, especially if two or more applications are submitted together. You may pay application fees online through Paypal.