July 4, 2015 C.A.R. breakfast in Wayzata

MNSAR Color Guard,  7th PA re-enactment group and Wayzata DAR living history ladies

 The MNSAR Color Guard joined the Wayzata C.A.R., Wayzata D.A.R., the 7th PA and about 1,300 of the public to again celebrate Independence Day.  While breakfasting on “flying” pancakes, visitors were treated to living history portrayals, musket firing, a display of camp equipment, ceremonies honoring WWII and Korean War vets and examples of training in the manual of arms. Visitors took advantage of the opportunity to ask about and learn more of our fight for Independence.

                                                       Photos compliments of Alice Markham.
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Randy and Kerry (7th PA) explained muskets

Dave, Kerry and Gary (7th PA)

SAR members Craig and Aaron

Stuart (L)  introduces John to the Markham musket

Steve with his new outfit and the new drum

the 7th PA camp display

Color Bearers Aaron and John

joint SAR and 7th PA manual of arms practice

Craig safety checked his musket

Kids and adults loved the display and asked questions.

John with the Markham musket

Aaron, John and Steve prepared for the flag raising

The 7th’s tent display

SAR Color Guard Commander Paul with 7th PA Sgt Kerry

Practicing the manual of arms for the crowd

Raising “Betsy”

Steve with the new drum

during drill, a break

One of several volleys