Patriot Chest

The Patriot Chest is ready.

The Minnesota SAR Color Guard Living History Team has been collecting reproduction items of the American Revolution era for use in their public appearances. The items allow others to enjoy a hands-on experience with several items of common use during that period, helping to bring history alive.

Items now on hand are:
Beeswax Candle and Candle making mold
Laundry washing board
Sewing Kit 
Hinged eyegIass case with period eyeglasses
Girls Mob Cap
Wire fork
Primitive iron knife, fork and spoon set
Pot scrubber made from straw
Pick and pan brush set for musket
CD of fife and drum music
Powder Horn
Horn cup 
Wooden Canteen 
Slate and Pencil 
Snapsack (backpack)
Tin Lantern
Tin Plate
Colonial paper currency
Fire starting kit
Reproduction newspaper 1779
Tin cup
Child’s Primer
Large parchment copies of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

Back ordered items yet to be received: three typical child’s wood toys …….

In the future will be added a pull on outfit of 18th century girl’s wear and a uniform coat or frock coat and tricorn hat for a boy. These will be intended for use by student volunteers in school presentations.

There are several more items we wish to add to the chest and will do so as donations are received.