Recognizing State Society Members Who Served in the Military

Past President COL Ronald McRoberts coordinated the presentation of NSSAR War Service Medals and NSSAR Military Service Medals during the 2020 Washington Observance and Luncheon Meeting. 17 of the 22 recipients were present.

The War Service Medal and certificate was awarded to Allen Dean Shepersky. The Military Service Medal and Certificate were awarded to Geoffrey Bodeau, Arthur Finnell, David Foster, Jay Franklin, Wayne Halvorson, David Hawley, Marvin Jansma, William Langston, Ronald McRoberts, Robert Neese, Randall Nelson, Thomas Scherer, Larry Sisk, Rehn Smith, Thomas Sneed, and Craig Whiting. The other five will be mailed: War Service  to Michael Huttner; and Military Service to Bruce Humrickhouse, Ethan Read, Douglas Stewart, and Leland Swanson. The assemblage rose with applause for all these fine gentlemen for service to our country.