Increased Application Fees

SAR Insignia cross

Effective immediately, the National Society, SAR, has increased fees for new member applications and for supplemental applications. New member fees went up by $10 or $20. Supplemental application fees went up by $40. The table below shows the revised fee schedule for Minnesota SAR, combining national and state dues and fees.

Note that “additional” applications must be submitted at the same time as a full-price application.

Application TypeCost
New regular member application$152.00
Additional applications – family members on same line/patriot$92.00
Junior applicant with family member on same line/patriot$50.00
Applicant 18-25 with family member on same line/patriot$92.00
Regular supplemental application$105.00
Additional supplemental for family member on same line/patriot$45.00

For example, the father applies to join Minnesota SAR. His application fee is $152. If his adult sons apply at the same time using the same patriot (“additional” applications), each additional application costs $92.

if the father is already a member and the 20-year-old son decides to join, then the son pays $92. If additional sons want to join, each pays the “additional” fee of $92, regardless of their age.

If a father finds a new patriot ancestor and submits a supplemental application ($105), his sons who are members may submit “additional” supplemental applications for the same patriot for $45 each.