Applications Approved!

Printout of an application status report

Earlier this spring, a post discussed the time required to go through the National SAR application process. Several Minnesota SAR members have just been notified that their applications – both new members and supplementals – have been approved by the National Society. Here is how long, on average, the applications took, once National received them:

  • New Applications: 2.5 months
  • Supplemental Applications: 10.7 months

There are two parts to the application process. First, the applicant works with the State Society to produce an acceptable application and transmit it to National. The applicant is usually directly involved in this process and is made aware of delays. Once the State Society has a signed, approved, and paid application, it should only take a week or two for National to receive it.

In practice, applications might suffer additional delays at this point. Three separate state officers must coordinate the application process. Much of this takes place via email and electronic funds transfer, to eliminate mailing delays wherever possible. Unfortunately, the National Society still processes all applications on paper, and requires all applications to be printed on special archival paper. An original printed, signed copy of the application must be physically mailed to the national office.

The second step begins when the national office receives and processes an application. The office enters paper applications in batches. Once a batch is entered, the application appears on the weekly Application Status Report. The Report is a large PDF file listing all applications being processed nationally, sorted by state. The application times given above are from the “Date Received” to the date of final approval (the “Date Registered”).