MNSAR Autumn Newsletter

2021 autumn newsletter cover

Our Newsletter Editor and Historian has published the Autumn 2021 issue of the Minnesota SAR Salute, our quarterly newsletter. Members should receive a copy via the mail. This issue contains the following:

MNSAR Constitution Day Luncheon Highlights: presenting new members and supplemental certificates; memorials for recently deceased compatriots; the evolution of the state Color Guard; awards presented; plans for celebrating the 250th anniversary of the Revolution. The luncheon included a talk by Craig Whiting and Richard Howey about the state’s Patriot Chest, its purpose, and its contents.

Remembering Three MNSAR Members: obituaries for the Hon. Paul Kent Thiesen, Harold T. Mitchell, Jr., and Bruce A. Alton.

American Eagle: a description of the 1779 French-American attack on Savannah, GA.