Patriot Chest Presentation Planned at Schaeffer Academy in Rochester

One of our living history interpreters in the full field uniform of a Vermont Green Mountain Boy

On Wednesday, May 4 2022, four members of the living history team (Phil Christensen, Rich Howey, Chris Moberg, Rick Smith) will give a series of Patriot Chest presentations to the first through sixth grade students at Schaeffer Academy in Rochester, MN. For the younger children, we will show several household articles that were used in everyday life and how they differ from what is used today. For the middle grades, we will focus on the series of events leading up to and during the Revolution. We will use numerous flags and reproduction documents from our Patriot Chest for these groups. The oldest children, the sixth graders, have been studying warfare through the ages so we will focus on the way wars were fought in linear formations during the age of flintlock muskets and how that differed from the ways wars were fought earlier and later.