Patriot Chest Presentation at Maranatha Academy on March 17, 2022

Rich Howey, Gigi Hickey (holding Constitution) and Chris Moberg (Holding Declaration of Independence) During Patriot Chest Presentation, Maranatha Academy, March 17, 2022

On Saint Patrick’s day, Rich Howey and Chris Moberg of the MN SAR along with Gigi Hickey of the MN DAR gave a 90 minute presentation of our Patriot Chest to the combined 4th grade classes of Maranatha Christian Academy in Brooklyn Park, MN. We talked about the history of the Revolutionary period, how the revolution came to be, flags that were used during the revolution, major historical documents of the period, period clothing, household goods, the life of children at that time, etc.

One of the students even got to try out a period dress:

Student Trying on Dress (Face Hidden to preserve privacy)