Hilgemann Places in National Contest

SAR State Eagle Contest Trophy

Minnesota’s winner of the annual state Eagle Contest, Jerome R. Hilgemann, has placed 11th in the National Society, Sons of the American Revolution, annual Eagle Contest. Hilgemann will receive a $200 prize from the National Society as well as the $400 prize for winning the State Society contest. The award reflects achievements and leadership in Scouting and the community, plus the completion of other requirements, notably a 500-word essay on a topic related to the American Revolution.

Hilgemann’s essay is entitled “American Spies Turn the Tide of War.” The essay highlights the services of Nathan Hale, James Armistead, and Enoch Crosby.

The Minnesota SAR Eagle Contest is open to all Eagle Scouts, as long as they do not turn 19 in the year they participate. (There may be exceptions to the age limit for Scouts who have received approved extensions). Many Scouts have participated – and won – in two or more annual contests.

To participate, the Scout should complete a 500-word essay on a Revolution topic and a 4-generation ancestry chart, as complete as available information allows. To win the State and possibly a National award, the Scout should also complete the Law, Genealogy, and American Heritage merit badges. Scouts interested in those merit badge may contact the state’s Eagle Committee Chair or speak to their scoutmaster. Contest instructions and entry forms are available on the National SAR site, and should be submitted to the state Eagle Committee Chair by January 15.

Minnesota state winners have fared well at the national level. The national winner receives a $6,000 prize. Minnesota has provided four national winners over the past twenty years.